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Product Name: Push Around Vertical Mast Lift- GKMA Single Mast

Detailed information

Push Around Vertical Mast Lift- GKMA Single Mast
GKMA Push Around Vertical Mast Lift lift with aluminum mast structure. Its mast is made by high-strength, aircraft-quality grade material aluminum. Thus our GKEA lifts have smart body, light self-weight and is flexible for operation. It can use AC power or battery power depdnding on your request.

Overload limit
Leveling leg and indicator for balance
Emergency lowering and stop button device for safety


Model No   GKMA6-1 GKMA8-1 GKMA10-1
Max. Platform Height mm 6000 8000 10000
Capacity kg 150 125
Platform Size mm 630*650
Outspread Size 2030*1840
AC v 220-240
DC 12
Lifting Motor AC v/kw 220/0.75-1.5
DC 12/1.5-1.6
Overall Length mm 1420
Overall Width 840
Overall Height 1920 2040
Weight AC kg 375 410 440
DC 415 450 490

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