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Product Name: Electric Forklift (FB, 1.6T-3T)

Detailed information

Electric Forklift (FB, 1.6T-3T)
Product Feature:
1. Fashionable design, easy operation
2. The imported controller can control the excitation current and armature current respectively.
3. auto anti-skid function, electric current limiting function, and battery low voltage protection.
4. Full hydraulic power steering and adjustable steering wheel and seat satisfying driver’s requirements
5. All operation panels are designed according to ergonomic principles, which can alleviate labor intensity and increase productivity
6. Box structure frame with features of good rigidity, low center of gravity, and proper wheel track enables the electric forklift to achieve good longitudinal and transversal stability
7. The mast provides the driver with a wide field of vision, ideally suited for transport and stacking operations in warehouses and workshops.


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