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Product Name: Manual Scissor Lift (Large Table)

Detailed information

Manual Scissor Lift (Large Table)
Scissor Lift Table is a kind of multifunctional material handling equipment used for raising or lowering materials as to provide ergonomic positioning for operators.
Scissor Lift Table can be divided into different types. As per power difference, they could be hand scissor lift table, electric lift table. According to different moving mode, it has stationary type and mobile ones. Our lift table has been widely used in a variety of industries, such as factory, parking lot, automatic warehouse, logistics, dock, building, decoration, transportation, power, petroleum, chemical, stadium, etc.

1. Scissor mechanism to raise and lower materials
2. Suitable for highly specialized industrial processes, mainly used in manufacturing, materials positioning, pallet loading and unloading.


Model No. A208 A209
Capacity kg 500 1000
Min. table height mm 286 300
Max. table height mm 915 1400
Dimension of table mm 1600x810 2035x750
Net Weight kg 154 198

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