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Qingdao UM Lift Equipment Co. Ltd. is the perfect supplier to aerial working platforms, scissor lift platform, order picker, hand truck, semi-electric pallet truck, electric pallet truck, electric stacker,forklift,etc. Each product is specially designed to encourage excellent performance, made by famous foreign component and thousand time field test.

UM’s mission is to be the customer’s great-helper in aerial working and material handling. By our way of work, and our way of think, with our continuous improvement of product, service, teamwork and respect are key elements and we are built on these principles.

Our principle is important part of our history as well as our future. Our destiny is committed to fulfill business in a happy and win-win manner. Our aims to be recognized as the most respected and trusted supplier in china.

SuJue SuSheng
Going to the fast track to find the correct decisions solve customer’s problem, build long-term and eminent win-win business.

RenDan HeYI
Timely improvement, as no space can ever be occur in perfect deal, there is always claim for improvement.

To maintain a long-term business and meet all demand with customer, the experience and creativity needed to finish the challenge.

Stimulates person and with professional guidance, excavate opportunity for company’s development and team’s success.

UM respects other competitors, makes every work to understand, accept responsibility and do the best to perfect ourselves.

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